Welcome to easier and better.

Independently owned and operated, Resource Seven is a collaboration of talent and resources serving and bringing together independent brokers and consultants.

Our open concept allows you to leverage innovation and the ingenuity necessary to compete in today’s fast paced and ever changing environment.  With us, you can harness the power of exponential resources and the benefits of being part of something larger.  This can help you compete and grow at your own pace.

Not too much and not too little.

Choose what’s just right for you by your level of engagement with us:

Join a collaboration of shared resources

Pick up help when you need it most

Expand your resources on demand

You don’t have to conform to perform

Our menu of services and resources allow entrepreneurial minded professionals to compete on a larger scale.

Our network gives you access to fill in gaps and highlight your niche within Resource Seven’s menu of services.

Resource Seven provides members the opportunity to operate as you do now or join a partner. While there are many benefits, tapping into shared resources and intelligence allow us to perform at higher levels without compromising our value and performance to our clients.

  • Unlimited Consultative Support
    Expand your resources effortlessly
  • Back End Support
    Pick up help when you need it most
  • Broker Membership
    Join a collaboration of shared resources
  • ACA Testing & Reporting
    Guidance & fulfillment services.
  • Compliance & HR Dashboard
    Access necessary information & resources 24/7
  • Notices, Registrations & Filings
    Offer services that help your clients stay compliant
  • Private Exchange/Data Automation
    Enrollment, Reporting & Compliance documents
  • Benefit Communications
    Integrated communications strategy delivering accurate, timely information
  • Print, Web & Video
    Effective forms of communication to notify, inform & engage clients
  • HR Support, Training & Call Center
    Timely responses to everyday questions

Broker 7 Connect – The New (and Improved) Normal

Where Ideas Grow

The lay of the land is far more complex than ever before. Consumers are willing to buy direct.  And, large companies have big budgets to target your clients.

And, in order to make someone want to buy from you – you must be able to deliver an experience that makes them want more and be able to respond quickly.

Our technology, resources and expanded market share make it all possible – and affordable.

What’s Important to You is Important to Us

Resource Seven provides you with tools and support that help you service your clients. From resources such as our online enrollment resource center, our expert support team dedicated to helping you manage enrollment, our admin services & commission tracking, we make you job easy.

Our business has significantly changed and will continue to do so.  In order to thrive in the future, you must adapt. 

The rate of independent professionals and companies in our industry joining together has increased 40%.   Much of this is due to the increased pressure to adjust to the way people and businesses are making decisions – via the latest technology and with timely access to good information.

Be a Part of the Trend & Not a Victim of it

Professionals and Companies Joined Together
Believe Change Will Continue
Technology Adapters Sell More

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